7 Ways to Create Hype Around a New Launch

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October 24, 2019

7 Ways to Create Hype Around a New Launch

A new business launch is a great way to generate excitement amongst your pre-existing customers and expand your reach by attracting the attention of a vast and varied audience.

But a product can’t sell itself. If you want to create hype around a new launch and make sure the digital space is abuzz with talk of your new product, here are seven ways you can do just that:

1. Release a sneak peek to build excitement

A fantastic way to generate buzz surrounding your new business venture is by teasing your audience with sneak peeks. Make sure the information you share is thrilling enough to attract unwavering attention and create a level of anticipation for the next tidbit of information. Give the people what they want but always keep them on the edge of their seats. 

2. Test your new product on influencers

Having influencers test your product has a two-fold benefit. Not only will your product gain traction amongst the influencer’s followers but along with that, you will also gather valuable feedback before launching your product in the market.

It has often been seen that products genuinely reviewed by real people have a larger impact than elaborate advertisements.

3. Organize contests and giveaways to spread the word. 

One surefire way to generate excitement and attract a lot of attention is by organising contests or giveaways that offer something that is valuable and useful to the audience. After all, who doesn’t like getting free stuff?

4. Constantly talk about it on your blog

Take advantage of your existing social media and blog about your new product without being too salesman-sy. A well-constructed blog can be an exceptional place to promote your new product and create hype surrounding it. Talking about your product will increase familiarity of this product with your regular readers and create a sense of solidarity and attachment.

5. Make a video demonstration 

A visual representation of how your product or service works will do wonders for your brand. People remember a well-made video much more than any writeup however well written it may be. A video displaying the functioning of your product will satisfy customers and answer any queries that they might have.

6. Start taking pre-orders

Why wait until your product is officially launched in the market to start making a profit? Announcing that your product is ready to be pre-ordered shows that your product is real and not just a concept. This strategy will not only create hype but also make your audience emotionally and financially invested in your product.


7. Turn your product launch into an event

Launch your product with a bang by planning a special event around it. Invite important people like your regular customers and influencers to be a part of it. An event not only creates excitement but also becomes a fun place for people to gather and talk about the brand as well as the product or service being launched.

Start hyping your product before it is released in the market. Share everything with your audience right from the development stage to the very end. Keep your audience engaged and invested in your products by always being active on social media and every other platform where marketing is possible. 

Test your product before launch to make sure that no problems arise that could possibly hinder or otherwise affect your sales.

Always keep your customers hanging for the next bit of information and keep the curiosity alive. Use every channel available to you to promote your product. An effective team backing your product and brand is essential as, without a united front, it is impossible to keep the momentum.

Keep on promoting hard even after your product is launched.

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