How to Determine Your Social Media Marketing Budget

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October 14, 2019
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How to Determine Your Social Media Marketing Budget

Are you struggling to achieve social media success for your business? Are you thinking of finally taking the plunge and investing in a social media marketing service but don’t know how much to spend on it? It is indeed a confusing decision as lot of companies across the world have had success by investing in professional marketing services, but many others have been unsuccessful and fallen flat on their face.

Today, it’s very important to have the type of social media presence that will not only attract the right kind of customers to your business but also create an image of authenticity and transparency. People are attracted to honest reviews and genuine interaction between a company and its consumers.

How many times have you seen a large corporation trend on social media because of an honest interaction they had with one of their customers?

As such every single decision you make for your business on any social media platform should be driven by a marketing strategy and a social media marketing service helps you achieve that goal. 

But now that you’ve decided to seek the help of professionals, how can you effectively decide on the budget?

Do Not Go in Blind: Decide how Much YOU can Spend on Social Media Marketing? 

When it comes choosing a social media marketing service, it’s best to proceed with caution and with a very specific budget in mind. Do not forget that spending a large amount of money does not mean greater success, and it is possible that you may merely be wasting your resources. 

So the first step to determine your social media marketing budget is to decide how much you’re planning to spend on all your digital marketing efforts. Find a service that caters to your needs at a budget that you are comfortable with. 

An in depth look at the average statistics has shown that companies often spend about 5% to 15% of their yearly revenue on marketing and of that total marketing budget, 30 to 35% is spent on digital marketing activities.

Who is your Target Audience? 

It is integral that you have a clear understanding of who your target audience is. Once you know who you want to spend your money on then choosing a service that is right for you becomes a task that’s as easy as eating a piece of cake. 

Which Social Media Platforms do YOU want to focus on?

Wanting to dip your feet into every single platform will only spread you and your budget thin. Instead of creating a half baked image on all the mediums, decide which platform will be the most beneficial for you and your brand. Making the right decision in this sphere will get you a lot more recurrent and loyal customers. 

Don’t be Afraid of Making an Investment 

Though it is true that this kind of a digital investment is not completely risk free, it has been found in many instances that investing in professional help for an ORM and marketing service has had a much larger impact in the long run. 

It has been observed that having an engaging outlook connects with audiences on a much better level as well as strikes an organic momentum for one’s business. 

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