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May 2, 2019
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A mother’s day special blog.

Who is a mother? A person who can take everyone’s place but whose place none can take. Motherhood; where all love begins and never ends. Yes this blog is solely dedicated to super mom’s. Mother’s day just went by and we had hosted a loving giveaway on our Instagram account @_h.i.i. With much deliberation and thought we selected three winners who are being featured below. Let’s embark on reading some exciting, loving and delightful stories.

Durriya Godhrawala

Our first super mom Durriya Godhrawala, the COO of Taiyebji Wires Pvt Ltd. (manufacturers book binding wires) was born in Pune to her hardworking parents. From a very young age she saw her mother and father work and strive together for the betterment of her family.
Giving an ode to her mother her daughter writes this story.
Educated at the prestigious ST. Helena’s from Pune, this spunky, confident young lady lived life on her own terms. She fell in love with my father and when life threw them different obstacles that love became their anchor and saw them through tumultuous times .
There comes a time in everyone’s life which is a make or break moment. In this difficult time my mother decided to join my fathers business basically becoming his right hand. Together they set up a factory in Palghar in 1997, where she was in charge of managing the work force, and upkeep of the factory. She slowly took over managing the clients, the sales, so that my father could focus entirely on building and procuring machinery. This division of roles helped them excel as a team .Today Taiyebji Wires is a brand in itself.
I remember mummy juggling cooking early in the morning, getting us dressed for school and leaving for work with dad and both of them returning in the evening always on time for dinner. It was a rule of thumb, no matter what happened we will all eat together.
Mom has always stayed true to her roots of being a Punekar with her command of the Marathi language to deal with her work force, who found her approachable and relatable. Her dedication to clients and employees have created long lasting relations so much so that they are our extended family.
A multitasking Guru, who would work non stop during the week and still make it on time for our open days at school, P.T.A meetings and would take our studies. She is a gardening enthusiast and is always surrounded by blooming flowers and twirling leaves. She had the vision to create Grand Fusion, a successful shopping exhibition that is in many ways one of a kind.
Mom is a living testament that hard work and dedication are the roads to success. Her faith alone can move mountains, her confidence to face life’s hurdles as a challenge is the very ideal that we women should aspire to achieve.

Nisreen Lokhandwala co-founder of Amber Soft Skills Academy

Second is Nisreen Lokhandwala co-founder of Amber Soft Skills Academy, IELTS Trainer and mother of Fatema Lokhandwala. This is what she had to say.

‘edifyingyoungminds’ The struggle is real! The word “edify” means to mentor, counsel and educate. In my recent career as an entrepreneur, (IELTS trainer) the primary challenge is to educate the parents of the students aspiring to study abroad. Counselling and mentoring goes hand-in-hand with education. The dire urge to edify the people so as to contribute in the development of the country. (I know, it’s just a drop in the ocean!) inspired me to start a world-wide campaign under the hashtag #edifyingyoungminds. We actually, age only physically but the progression of the age makes us more responsible and sane and hence are always young mentally.
I started my journey at an early age of 17 years as an assistant to the Manager of the machinery showroom in Pune. My keen observation and listening skills bagged me the post of a personal secretary to the M.D of the manufacturing unit. The experience and the exposure of 3 and a half years made me realise that “Freedom of Choice” plays a pivotal role in the success of any career. The freedom to have the power to live life fearlessly, freedom to break the dogmatic ideals and accept the change. It forms one of the basic elements in not just pursuing one’s career but also in leading a responsible unchained and an authentic life.
To enrich my knowledge, I did few certificate courses. Self-introspection, setting short-term career goals and the spark of achievement bagged me the job of a Professor at the most coveted Arabic University. But I always asked a question to myself….Is this what I am meant for? Are my capabilities limited as a professor only? I took up travelling, photography and adventurous sports along with home responsibilities and dedicated work at the Uni!
In the pursuit to put my career on the front foot, I chose self-contentment over orthodox school of thought and worked in a versatile field for the overall experience. I worked with the franchise of ICICI Bank as a marketing personnel and also educating people on the benefits of using ATM. This dates back around 18 years! For 5 years I also taught in the school as a visiting faculty for English communication. Moreover, in the pursuit of one of my hobbies, that is solo, traveling, I used national public platforms to empower people around the world and encourage solo traveling as the means of our enriched learning, growth and personal development.
My varied job profile brought out my true potential and this roller-coaster ride made me capable of being an entrepreneur, a speaker, a trainer and an influencer whose aim is to edify young minds through education, travel and writing.

In my opinion, a career story can only be called successful when one has that sense of fulfilment. Realisation of our own true potential and competing with your own self makes your career flourish and you a Woman of Substance!

Sherebanu Zoher Chunawala

Last but not the least is super mom Sherebanu Zoher Chunawala mother of Sakina Chunawala.
Her daughter in appreciating her mother’s everlasting support to her says that , mom has been through lots and till today gets going everyday strongly and powerfully with whatever comes her way. It’s her passion for work and not living a singe moment Idle that keeps her going at the age of 55+.
It’s been more than 20 years she has been putting her talent to Business, a source to support her family and keep herself on the go always. Her love for art and her talent is boundless and God gifted. May Allah grant her a healthy life to keep going hand in hand with her talent.

These are just a few stories we could cover but we are sure there are million mothers out there working hard day in and day out just to see their children smile and fulfil their dreams. More and more power to these super mom’s.

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